2024 Poster Artist

About the Artist:

Mary Lewis is a Pacific Northwestern woman, wife, and mother living in Sequim Washington. She loves nature and finds most of her inspiration in it. 

“I have been a lifelong creator, crafter and artist enjoying many mediums throughout the years. I am passionate about utilizing materials that would otherwise end up in the trash and turning them into something beautiful. 

“For the last few years, I have focused on using upcycled magazines as my principle medium. I incorporate techniques stemming from creating mosaics, stained glass, collage, and painting. Colors and patterns are cut out of magazines into pieces and glued together into a “mosaic.”

“As an upcycled magazine artist I chose to do somewhat of a direct representation of the Sunshine Festival and its most popular events, with the sun of course being the focal point.   Sunshine is something the entire community looks forward to seeing more of after a long winter.  

“One of the most popular events, the Sun Fun Color Run, is represented by shoe prints and brightly colored rays behind the sun. Not only do Color Run participants wear bright colors but they get color blasted along the running course. 

The music notes in the sky are a dual representation of live musical performances that take place throughout the day and the soundtrack of the drone show that happens once the sun goes down.”

 Mrs. Mary Lewis

2024 Sunshine Festival Poster Art

Sunshine Festival Poster Art 2024

Artist Mary Lewis

Artist Mary Lewis