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Mikie Smith Full Moon Candle Company

Mikie Smith, Owner of Full Moon Candle Company

"Many stores purchase candles from other sources, but our shop is unique because we make our own candles on site!  In addition to creating candles in earthy, floral, fruity, warm food and seasonal scents, we offer them in assorted pillar sizes and votives. We also carry super scented melts, as well as home décor and gift items.  Ours are the finest quality, longest burning, scented candles available.

"The shop is located at 609 W Washington Street in Sequim WA, but you can order from the website at https://www.fullmooncandle.com/.

"Full Moon Candle Company has been around since the mid 1990's as a handmade candle business.  Our family has owned it for (nearly) the last six years, and we have continued with the same original recipes as the former owner, Joy. We moved the shop to its present location, added candle accessories and then home decor items.

"Our local shoppers are purposeful in their shopping and contribute to over 90% of our business.   Outside of word of mouth, we do advertise a little in the local newspaper and a few restaurants.  Anyone who loves candles or needs to purchase a gift, we have that covered!

"The top five scented candles are Jamaican Spice (best seller for well over ten years!), Sugared Spruce, Cranberry Spice, Balsam Citrus. and Vanilla Sandalwood.  The 4" pillar is the most popular size.

"I love getting to know the customers.  Knowing I am pouring someone's favorite scented candle makes it very special.

"Sequim is our home, there is no other place we would rather be! I have lived in Sequim my entire life. I come from a pioneer family.  I am from the Knapp/Meyer family that are both considered a pioneer or founding family of the Sequim Community. My husband is also part of the Smith pioneer family, so the roots are deep!  We have our yearly family reunion.

"The people make Sequim unique. Even though things have changed since I was a kid, I feel like Sequimmites still look each other in the eye and are friendly and kind to one another. A welcoming town is how my customers describe Sequim as well.

"People in their 30's come back to Sequim during the holidays to buy the candle scents they remember their parents burning while they lived at home---that is pretty special!"