2022 Poster Artist

Meet 2022 Poster Artist Donika Huls

Donika Huls is a graphic designer with an ethereal aesthetic that embodies her work.  She creates her pieces hoping that they leave the viewer with a warm feeling of joy and hope.  This is Donika's first big project after graduating with a degree in Multimedia Communications, and she is very excited to be creating art for the Sequim Sunshine Festival.  In her free time, Donika enjoys playing video games and hanging out with her friends.

Donika's art will be featured on the 2022 Sequim Sunshine Festival poster and other marketing materials. 

Donika Huls
2022 Sequim Sunshine Festival Art

2022 Sequim Sunshine Festival Art Unveiled

“I wanted my art to convey what it means to live in Sequim, while also symbolizing the light and hope that the Sunshine Festival embodies.  Having an elk be one of the main parts of the image with the sun between the antlers is what really makes this art specific to Sequim’s sunshine, along with the mountain range and rolling hills in the background. The spelling of Sequim in the stars is actually a call out to the drone show from the 2020 festival, when drones spelled out the name of the town. Overall, I really wanted the art to have the joyous feeling of a sun rising on a new day, and the hope that that brings,” Donika said about her art.