Donna and Jon Harrison

Note:  The Harrisons retired in 2022 and sold their store to Beck's Shoes.

Harrison’s Comfort Footwear, owned and operated by Jon and Donna Harrison, is located at 609 W Washington Street, next to the Mariner Café, in Sequim, WA.  Store hours are 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, and 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday.   

Jon was a shoe division manager at Nordstrom for many years before opening an independent shoe store near Swedish Hospital in Seattle.  He worked closely with orthopedic specialists to understand corrections needed for issues related to lower extremity maladies.  Over the years, Jon has made by hand over 18,000 pair of custom orthotics.  

Donna was raised on a homestead in Wasilla, Alaska, and is a retired safety/risk manager from the state of Oregon.

“We provide comfortable footwear suitable for walking, hiking, running, and casual working for men and women,” she explains.

“Ours is a sit-and-fit, customer service-oriented shoe store.  Our staff are trained in understanding foot, gait, and function issues to assist customers in identifying their best shoe options.  We specialize in adult, active, semi-fashionable, casual, supportive, medical footwear.

“Sequim had a small, quaint atmosphere that had a need for our service. We have an active community, and people are on their feet a lot!  

“The small-town factor means that you experience relational interactions wherever you go. You can have an instant friend simply by starting a conversation as you are standing in line.

“Eagles, elk, the Olympic Mountains, the ocean, Canadian views, lavender, and great people helping each other--- where else can you get all of this?”

(Photo, below) Harrison’s Comfort Footwear staff is (from left) Kevin, Michelle, Jon, Donna, Faye, and Amie, the Harrisons’ Bishon Frise.

Kevin Michelle Jon Donna Amie Faye